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What to Expect When You Bring Home a Champion Bernese Mountain Dog

When you welcome a new Bernese Mountain Dog into your home, you can expect a lifelong companion that is easy to train and a joy to be around. Because Bernese Mountain Dogs were initially trained to do work, they’ll often happily pull wagons or sleds, even with small children aboard. While Bernese Mountain Dogs are naturally protective and watchful, this breed is not aggressive or overly assertive.

In summer heat, it’s important to be mindful of a Bernese Mountain Dog’s coat, which is long, thick and glossy. Their coats need to be brushed and maintained regularly, and they may occasionally need to be trimmed or shaved in the warmer months. Because they can easily overheat, Bernese Mountain Dogs will not actively exercise when the weather becomes too warm. If you’re an active individual who loves taking your dog for a walk, we recommend forming an earlier-morning or later-evening walking routine with your Bernese Mountain Dog.

Because of their deeply loving and loyal natures, Bernese Mountain Dogs are occasionally known to suffer from varying degrees of separation anxiety if left alone for too long. In addition, unless they’re taught not to from an early age, they will dig holes. While Bernese Mountain Dogs do need frequent company and attention, they make up for it by offering unconditional affection and warmth to their lucky owners.

Why Bring Home a Berner?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are Intelligent
Intelligent & Easy To Train
Bernese Mountain Dogs are good natured
Confident, Alert & Good Natured
Bernese Mountain Dogs are great with kids
Great With Kids And Families
Bernese Mountain Dogs are good watchdogs
Natural Watchdogs

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