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Taking Home a Bernese Mountain Dog

Our Process

We breed only the best quality dogs, and we love and cherish each puppy that we offer up for adoption. Because of this love and faith in our dogs, it’s of the utmost importance to us that they go to good, welcoming homes where they’ll lead long and happy lives. As a result, our process is thorough and comprehensive, all with the ultimate goal of making sure we perfectly match our puppies with the right family.

Because we value our dogs and their happiness, our process is a little more rigorous than most. We’ll have an interview with you, and we’ll request photos of the puppy’s future home. We’re committed to bringing joy to the families who choose to adopt from us as well as the puppies we set up for adoption, so we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We understand that sometimes, it’s not always a good match, and that’s okay. If you’re unhappy with your Bernese Mountain Dog in any way, we’ll refund your purchase and take the dog back. It’s important to us that our puppies end up in the perfect forever home, and we’d always rather welcome them back than see them end up somewhere unfortunate.

Why Take Home a Berner?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are Intelligent
Intelligent & East To Train
Bernese Mountain Dogs are good natured
Confident, Alert & Good Natured
Bernese Mountain Dogs are great with kids
Great With Kids And Families
Bernese Mountain Dogs are good watchdogs
Natural Watchdogs

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